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Silver Ramayana

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42cm x 44cm

Extremely rare 19th century antique repoussé work from Burma. The scene depicts Lord Shri Rama and his brothers Lakshmana (Lakshman) and Bharata (Bharat) battling Ravana (Ravan / Rawana / Rawan) to reconquer the divine goddess Sita (Seeta / Seetha) Devi. Height 42 x 44cm Width (16.5 x 17.3 inches) Three of the figures in this panel wear court costumes that have tiered aprons with upswept wings - a unique Burmese feature not seen in Thai images. This is a high quality 19thC antique of superior craftsmanship with amazingly high relief. This is a listing for antique 19th Century rare Indian Burmese Solid Silver hanging plaque / panel, massive size and extremely heavy gauge, crisp decoration, embossed in very high relief. The hinged brackets to the top are modelled like horses. The silver is thick and the workmanship exceptional, the style is typically Burmese, as often the case the silver is not hallmarked. This is a historical piece of hand made craft. As a handicraft, this will find pride of place in any interior and bring a sense of history to any office, reception, resort, hotel, living room, drawing room, dining room, bed room, foyer, display cabinet, coffee table, and display shelf. As an interior accessory or accent it will bring a feel of antique antiquity. It reminds one of Burma, rubies, that is, the ruby gemstone. An instant connection with Japanese pagodas, the great wall of China and Myanmar. This will be of great interest to collectors who wish to add to their priceless collections, connoisseurs, art gallery owners, museum curators, libraries, researchers, research students, teachers and professors of fine arts, and art historians in general. And for those with an interest in spirituality, religion, Buddhism, Hinduism, beliefs, rituals, ceremonies and ceremonial artisanal objects. Possibly made by P. Orr & Sons (Madras and Rangoon). In the 19th-20th century this firm had employed/commissioned Burmese silversmiths to produce high quality silverware (statuettes, jewellery, decorative items...) for the wealthy locals, and British expats in Burma. What mastery of skill, motivation and devotion must have driven those artisans to create this beauty. Knowing its provenance creates massive respect for the people of southeast asian region of that era and through that for this piece of art. At the moment, this item can be shipped only within India.

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