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--- Colorful musical composition #21 “ Cassandra”---

Portrait, like every work of art, realizes itself through compositional form. In the center of the c... read more

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118 x 97 x 0 cm

Portrait, like every work of art, realizes itself through compositional form. In the center of the composition, to focus the viewer's perception is the model's face. The main feature of the image - similar to the displayed object with the model. The similarity - a similarity but not identity. Retreat from the similarity in the identity borders is not only permissible, but necessary for the purposes of the portrait. Portrait depicts not only the individuality of man, but also expresses the individuality of the author's artistic personality. Portrait - "Self Portrait." The artist gets used to the appearance of the model, so that perceives the spiritual essence of human individuality. Such comprehension occurs only in the act of transformation in the process of merging the "I" model and the "I" of the author. The result is a new unity, similar to that which occurs between the actor and his role. Through this fusion model in the portrait it looks as if she was actually alive. Animations model in the portrait is also among the features that make up the portrait of the invariant. Since the portrait is always in something similar to the author while he was in something does not look like a model. The similarity and dissimilarity are equally important for a portrait. We offer a portrait of a woman, made us a special technique with a combination of colors, which allowed to reach a particular expression of femininity and the model's face. (Perhaps the performance of individual orders. What you need to contact us.)

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