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THE ZMOLEK CURSE: It all began on the Ides of March in 1913: Every fine art collector in possession ... read more

Item Overview



Acrylic on Canvas


Conceptual Art



Country of Origin

United States

Dimentions(H x W x D)

14 x 48 x 1 in

THE ZMOLEK CURSE: It all began on the Ides of March in 1913: Every fine art collector in possession of Miklos Damek Zmolek's renderings have committed suicide within six days of taking ownership. Sir Reginald Moore (of London) was the first. Dr. Manning Tanner (of Boston) is the latest. THE ZMOLEK CURSE: The Five Acrylic, Latex & Coffee Stain Five 9" x 12" Canvas Boards Group Frame: 14” x 48” Miklos Damek Zmolek: October 1912 Miklos was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia on the 31st of October 1869. Mother: Dagmar Ivana Zmolek (Prostitute: 17 years old). Father: Alanek Veselka (Catholic Priest: 42 years old). Miklos entered The Prague Institute of Art in September of 1888. He was a brilliant student and displayed extraordinary promise, but was expelled for assaulting an instructor in February of 1889. He decided to gather up his brushes, head to Paris and take the European Art World by storm. Miklos fast became an artist of considerable repute, but his inner demons eventually got the better of him. He committed suicide in his Paris loft on the 15th of March 1913. Dagmar Ivana Zmolek: August 1869 When shunned by her family, Dagmar had asked the church for help, but was ostracized for making "false" allegations against Father Veselka. With no other options, Dagmar raised her beloved son, Miklos on her own, and they appeared happy. Tragically, she died from a broken heart in April of 1913. Father Alanek Veselka: January 1869 Father Veselka denied all responsibility for the child. In November of 1869, he was transferred to a small parish in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he succumbed to tuberculosis in October of 1870. Sir Reginald Moore: January 1913 Sir Reginald was a member of British Parliament and the first victim of The Zmolek Curse. He died on the 20th of March 1913 from an apparent suicide. Doctor Manning Tanner: December 2013 Dr. Tanner was a Professor of Art History at Cambridge and the latest victim of The Zmolek Curse. He died on the 19th of February 2014 from an apparent suicide.

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