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The work entitled simply “Relationship“, conveys in a unique way the emotional bonding – hence the knot – that occurs between two people, where the two characters, represented with simple geometrical shapes, create a strong tie between them. The sculpture, captures that moment when the bond transforms, it becomes strong and solid like metal, which I hinted here by using a light metallic patina, transformation which is supported equally by both parts. The holes that appear in the two otherwise compact, yet unequal in size, shapes, convey the marks left by previous experiences, which can not be erased, like the marks left by a nail, it can be pulled out but the hole remains, and even if it is patched up, it won't be as good as new. But these marks can be overlooked because the main element and the center of interest is the present which lies in the strong bond created with the help of respect, trust and hope which make possible for the relationship between to people to be virtually indestructible.

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