The Challenges Of Being An Artist

Creativity pays well; there is no doubt about that. But it comes with some challenges.

The biggest problem an artist faces is the continuous flow of cash. An artist needs to pay his bills too. Moreover, he has to buy expensive materials and software to support his creative space. When there is no steady source of income, frustration and demotivation set in.

Street artist creating amazing stuff


The next challenge for an artist is finding time. Selling art is like a business. Artists create a product and sell it to others. Which means they have to spend a considerable amount of time creating the product first, making it attractive so that it gets sold and finally do the marketing and other business related work for it.

Now, the question is even if they manage to sell their artwork, how much do they make from it? Consider the fact that they often end up paying massive commissions to middlemen or Art Gallery owners. Unfortunately, the amount is too less to survive. Moreover, the amount of time and effort he spends in creating and selling just one piece doesn’t leave him with enough time to create more. To get the creative juices flowing one has to be in a positive state of mind and highly motivated. Therefore, being imaginative and having a steady income seems to be two ends of a pole. Which is why it is important to find solutions to end your financial woes as well as nurture and increase your creativity.

3 Ways to Increase Creativity And Nurture It

A positive state of mind creates the best kind of art. It applies to all sorts of work, and especially so for art. However, creating a favourable environment always, might not be possible. It is important to keep the mind free and healthy even when there is a crisis. Here are some pointers to help you:

➢ A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Eat healthy, exercise regularly and the results will show. If possible, incorporate some yoga and meditation in your everyday life to develop your “chi” or life force.

A steaming cup of tea, calm and beautiful work space helps being creative
➢ Take a break. Listen to some soothing music, take a leisurely stroll or make yourself a hot cup of coffee/ tea. Come back to work afterwards. It will help you concentrate better.
➢ Make your workspace beautiful. Keep the colours vibrant, add objects or pictures that make you happy and motivated.

However, if artists can find a way to generate continuous income without worrying over how to sell their products it would make their life a lot easier. Day jobs at supermarkets or restaurants certainly help but takes away precious time. What they ideally need is a platform which will give them the right amount of exposure without burning a hole in their pocket.

A Global Art Marketplace: The Solution

Nakshi is an upcoming subscription-free, revolutionary, and technology-enabled global platform for artists. It will have multiple innovative tools and features to provide a wide variety of channels for artists to earn continuous revenue.If you want to explore and get all information about this, then watch this video and know more about the initiative to empower artists around the globe!

Now sit back relax and turn your beautiful artwork into flourishing online business in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Registration
Open Artist Portal by entering portal link-
Go to Home page – Menu bar – click on Register and complete profile

Step 2: Upload your Artwork with expected selling price
Upload you artwork following instructions as per Step by step guide.

Step 3: Create Gallery
Create virtual 3D gallery of your Artwork collections.

Once you do this, you are ready to sell your work! Start selling worry-free at Nakshi to generate a steady income and keep those creative juices flowing.