Find yourself aimlessly roaming about the house wanting to do something? Not the chores – that isn’t exactly an amusing way to spend time. Maybe you are itching to make something, or just be able to add a spark to your home. How about getting a little creative and channeling your energies towards some DIY with Nakshi?

Living Room

The room where you lounge, a room in which you entertain your guests – the living room cannot afford to be boring. Here are a few ideas for the sitting room:

  • A Wall Art: Could be anything – a painting, a poster with your favorite saying, or even a 3D geometric piece. Try experimenting with different materials, such as wood, quilling paper, cloth, or use junk that is lying around the house.
  • DIY Coffee Table: If woodwork is your thing, then the coffee table is definitely it. Decide on the type of wood you would want, and have list items you would need for this project. You could completely customize it to suit your needs – maybe a storage space, or with wheels attached to it. You could even use some recycled old wood with a distressed wood for a shabby chic look


The kitchen is often the one room in the entire house that just inspires creativity. Think about it: you have guests over and only about 3-4 ingredients and have to come up with canapes in a trice. Or it’s your child’s birthday and you are tired of the same old chocolate cake, chips, and lemonade you are used to making for the kids’ party. Now, why shouldn’t your kitchen also reflect that same spirit of creativity in its colors or décor?

  • DIY Backsplash: You could design a backsplash panel behind a sink, with materials that are non-corrosive, such as tin.
  • DIY Door Interiors as Storage Space: You could use the back of the kitchen cabinet doors as storage spaces. Just attach a sliding panel with some nails, hang baskets on it, and keep small items in them.


Not just snoozing, nookie times, and blissful sleep. Loads more you can do with this private space.

  • DIY Pillow: You could use old sweaters to renovate your pillows, or some fabric to refurbish your pillows. Pillows can also be a head turner, rather than a head rest.
  • DIY Map as Art: You could use a map to create a wall art, albeit an unconventional one.
  • DIY Memo Board: How about a memo board made of foam, some decorative cloth to wrap around it, held in place by small nails or staples, a piece of thread to hang by, and voila! You have your very own handmade memo board for your notes and reminders!

Dining Room

A room where you eat… or feast! Here are some ideas for sprucing up this space.

  • Unassuming Floating Shelves: Although you wouldn’t have to work extra hard on making these, there is nothing unassuming about these shelves – every space counts!
  • DIY Table Runner and Placemats: You could try with different materials – lace is traditionally used, whereas nowadays you could go with woven fabrics, cotton, and satin amongst others.

Get creative! In Nakshi’s Handmade and DIY section, you are sure to get boundless ideas with our endless range of DIY crafts, supplies, and tools!