Admit it, one of the best moments that you will remember of your childhood will be of you making something (as well as destroying it – but let’s not delve into that now). Sadly, we don’t get that rush of excitement anymore, with our (mostly) mechanical routines, and the only equivalent is the satisfaction of completing a work assignment. But the two are not the same, and never the twain shall meet. When you get a little time, try a little DIY – trust us when we say it brings a slice of that childhood joy back.

In our experience, DIY helps in disconnecting from the world. When you are constantly being bombarded with the information you need (or don’t), there are times when being away from it all helps. This is where a side project where you create something with your hands comes in handy (pun not intended). Build something, paint your heart out, shape a piece of pottery from potter’s clay – anything that lets you be in the moment with your creation makes you more aware as well as calms you down.

The other joyful, liberating aspect of creating something that it is gentler on your psyche. It allows you to make mistakes without judgment. We grew up in an environment where slip-ups are often translated into us being labeled a disappointment. This, unfortunately, results in us trying to dodge any sort of challenges that might result in failure. But when you make something, there are bound to be errors. Many DIYers love this aspect – their mistakes allow them to grow creatively, and might also be a source of motivation.

And what is tremendous about DIY is that it is good for your brain. Cursive writing is often taught in Montessori and pre-school for the simple scientific reason that the nerves in the hand are nudged into action and reach the brain to stimulate it. Making something from scratch has been proven to stimulate your creative juices, as well as reduce stress. What better way to spend the weekend – increase your brain power as well as unwind.

And maybe, just maybe, through the practice of your craft and the joy you get out of it, you could even convert your hobby into a side business at some point in the near future. A lot of DIYers have been successful in turning their hobbies into thriving businesses. Be it making jewelry, paintings, ceramics, soft toys, crochet, or even building shelves: the possibilities are endless.

Explore the world of DIY with Nakshi today, and see the world of difference it will make in your lives.