So, you finally bought a gift for a special someone that you put a lot of thought into. But just handing it over without packing it properly seems tactless, like it was just a perfunctory gesture without any thought behind it. We at Nakshi want to help you with a list of creative ways to pack your gifts that you probably purchased from Nakshi’s Handmade and DIY section.

  1. A Bow: Not just any random, run-of-the-mill kind. If your gift looks pretty enough, an elaborate bow around the gift box will be the perfect finishing touch. It could be of any material – paper, cloth, satin, burlap thread, jute, cotton, or even duct tape!
  2. Newspaper: That might sound a bit strange, but newspapers wrapped around a box gives it an antique look and looks more artsy than you would expect it to. Besides, black on white as an elegant, decorative packaging option will never run out of style.
  3. Brown Paper: You can draw and write on the paper, and that makes it more personal. It is bound to bring joy to anyone who is on the receiving end. Just picture it: a personal message on brown wrapping paper. Kind of evocative of the old days, right?
  4. Design the Wrapping Paper: you could cut out simple shapes – like squares or hearts and use some gum to make your own quilted paper wrapping paper. Yet another cool DIY idea!
  5. Grocery Bag: A little unorthodox, but you could doodle on it, or stick something fancy, such as glitter tape or a ribbon. Or say you are eco-conscious and love the earth and hate wasting paper.
  6. Fabric: Voil, silk, linen, satin, among others. If you have any good piece of cloth, it could be turned into an imaginative packaging option. Alternatively, you could wrap the gift with a scarf that you made. You would have a very interesting situation where your unique gift package would also double up as a unique handmade gift.
  7. Painting: Another idea you could consider is to paint the gift wrapper yourself. Let the artistic side of you shine through, and the painting would be a one of a kind handcrafted gift wrapping paper. Now, who would want to throw that away?
  8. Others: Environment-friendly jute or burlap. Recycled swatches of cloth with motifs. Crocheted pouches. See? The list of things to do with Nakshi is never-ending!

Now that you have gone over this list of Nakshi’s recommended packaging options for gifting that are handmade and DIY, let your creative juices flow. And if you have any other packaging ideas, please do share it with us in the comments below.