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Damjan Komel
RENCE, Slovenia
Member Since: 3 years

About Artist

In his artistic research he seeks to tell his own story, his experiences, personal responses and feelings, as well as those of people and situations he encounters in his daily life. He likes to use traditional hand tools, such as the chisel on stone that leaves a unique trail, a personal mark which transmits a human strength to the sculpture and infinitely reflects the sculptor's thoughts in the stone. He loves working with white marble - Lasa, Carrara, or Sivec, not polishing them to perfection, sanding them , but leaving the surfaces soft, flowing or wavy, so that they all attract and encourage the desire to touch and caress the shape of the sculpture. As well as stone and marble he works in the classic materials of bronze, wood and ceramics. Currently he is a member of the artistic association Prologo from Gorizia, Italy. He lives and works nearby in Nova Gorica, Slovenia.

"The aim of art is not to objectify the haughty aims of high art but to register and imaginarily point out desires arising from our everyday life." Prof.Dr. Aleš Erjavec