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Marco Maccadanza
Thunder Bay, Canada
Member Since: 3 years

About Artist

I was always the kid that sat at the back of the room in school with his sketchbook quietly drawing with no friends around him, but that is what is the base of what makes my Artwork today. I am classically trained in fine Art from my time at Lake head University fine Arts and Sheridan College of Applied Arts, but the bulk of my work is self taught. I deal primarily in dry media but also enjoy wet media and mixed media. I combine several methods including pencil, airbrush, and wet brush techniques. My work had been known to several niche collectors for years from around the world, and now I am expanding to bring my Art to the world. Every piece has meaning to me, to some they are disturbing, to others inspiring and fascinating. My subject content ranges from mainstream to fringe and alternative and all the little dark areas in-between, but it's those little dark areas in-between where I live. I hope you enjoy my Artwork as much as I enjoy creating it.


Definately Superior Art festival 2015