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About Us

Art is beautiful and magical, it can be defined as the expression and creativity of the human mind. It makes us think, it makes us better human beings The world without art would be a dull, lifeless place. Art will survive and make the world around us beautiful only if creativity and passion of Artist or Artisan are nurtured and taken care.

This is the main reason for this initiative which started with difficulties faced by the founder of this initiative in promoting talented artist with big galleries and auction houses in London. To better understand problems faced by artist communities, we started global artist community group on LinkedIn called Global Artist Book. The feedback from thousands of artists connected with this initiative provided a clear understanding of art world challenges and problems faced by them which later helped in working on a solution.

While interacting with grass root level artisans, we realized that since a long time, middlemen have exploited artist communities, especially in rural and tribal areas. These artisans have been underselling their work to middlemen who earn bounties from the talent and hardship of artisan,while the artists themselves get mere pennies.

Our first step towards empowering artist community is to implement ethical and fair trade practice by directly connecting artists to the world hence cutting middlemen, thereby making sure that Artist gets the right value for their skill, labour and hardship.

The desire to provide a free global platform to artists and artisans from every corner of the world to showcase and sell their artwork globally was the motivation behind starting NAKSHI- the brand face of ARTCONNECT GLOBAL.

Technology and modern ways of marketing have changed the way anything is sold these days. Art is no exception. With the advent of e-commerce, it is important for artists to recognize the potential of internet and mobile as a workable selling tool.

Nakshi is the e-commerce solution with web and mobile platform that aims at connecting artists, artisans and art lovers whereby everyone’s requirements can be accommodated.

Nakshi is first of its kind, revolutionary, technology-enabled, global art marketplace platform with a one stop destination to buy, sell, bid, rent, auction, print, wear, gift and live with any kind of art!

Why we chose banner or brand as “Nakshi” ?

“Nakshi” is an iconic word used throughout centuries in South Asia for finely crafted artwork and a legacy of talented artists. The word represents our passion for Art and its Artisans hence we adopted the name “Nakshi” to stand as the banner of our company.

History of Nakshi

In South Asia, Nakshi refers to fine art in its various forms – painting, ornamentation, carving. The Bengali language in Eastern India has a similar word – Naksha – for depicting artistic patterns. East India is also famous for its Nakshi Kantha – colourful embroidery made on quilts.

Another version of Nakshi or Nakshi-Kala has existed in this region since the rule of the Kakatiya dynasty over 5 centuries ago. Known as “Ithadi Nakshi Kala”, this brass metal sheet work is crafted in Pembarthi and Rangasaipet. “Naggashi” in the Urdu language stands for intricate engraving. This term has been adopted by people in the Telengana region of the country, and by the Navshi in Coastal Andhra, for embossed sheet metal, which the people used for crafting kavachas (claddings) for the idols, vahanas (chariots) and icons. “Nakashi” - scrolls of narratives from mythology and folklore - is an art form practiced in Cheriyal in the Warangal district.

Where are we based?

Our company ARTCONNECT GLOBAL is registered in UK and India with following registration addresses. We also have office to manage operations in some other locations like New Delhi, India and the plan is to have more offices globally in future to act as local operations hubs in different continents.


Registered in England & Wales
265-269 Kingston Road
SW19 3NW


Registered in India
Reg.No. U74999KA2016PTC092837
201, SNN Raj Serenity
Begur-Koppa Main Road
Bangalore, KA